Latest firmware for the xPico® Wi-Fi®

What is the latest firmware version for the xPico® Wi-Fi®?

The latest firmware for the xPico® Wi-Fi® is

Important: Click Here for a step by step procedure to upgrade your xPico Wi-Fi from Production Release 1 to Production Release 2 or Production Release 3.

For Release 2 (version 1.1) to Release 3 or higher (version 1.3 or higher) follow the instructions under "Updating Firmware Over the Air" in the xPico Wi-Fi User Guide, available from 

xPico WiFi (load this file first)

 xPico® Wi-Fi® OTA LoaderComment
 xPico® Wi-Fi® OTA Auto Loader Load this file first, then reboot
 xPico® Wi-Fi® OTA Auto Loader SHA1 Hash Right-click and choose "Save Target As..."
 xPico® Wi-Fi® OTA Release Notes

xPico Firmware

xPico® Wi-Fi®Comment
xPico® Wi-Fi® Firmware

 Load with the new OTA auto-loader, above.

 See "Updating Firmware Over the Air" in the xPico WiFi User Guide, available from

xPico® Wi-Fi® Release Notes Right-click and choose "Save Target As..."
xPico® Wi-Fi® SHA1 Hash Right-click and choose "Save Target As..." 

[Originally Published On: 11/05/2013 10:31 AM]