Latest version of the SCPR (Secure Com Port Redirector)

What is the latest version of the SCPR (Secure Com Port Redirector)?

The latest version of the Secure Com Port Redirector is


SCPR v4.3.x.1 must be installed as a clean install, not an upgrade from previous versions of the SCPR. 

Uninstall any previous versions of the SCPR in Windows Add/Remove Programs before installing version

To preserve existing virtual COM ports, across installations, save the COM ports to a COM Port Configuration (.cpc) file from SCPR before uninstalling the application.  

At the top of the SCPR configuration window, choose Export to Com Port Config file from the Com Port menu and save a .cpc file to a location where you can find it, e.g. on your desktop.

The resulting .cpc file can be loaded onto the new installation of the SCPR by choosing Import from Com Port Config file from the Com Port menu and navigate to the file.

A version that will allow a clean upgrade without requiring uninstallation of previously installed versions will be available in a future release.


    The following items are required to run the SCPR:

    1.  x64 (64bit): Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11 and Server 2008, 2016, 2019 and 2022
    2.  Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0. For CprManager.exe and CprMonitor.exe only.
    3.  30MB free hard drive space.
    4.  Device Servers must have firmware version or greater to use RFC2217 (TruPort) capability.
The "Internet Connection Firewall" must be disabled, or else UDP Ports 30718, 43282, and 43283 must be available.  Otherwise, you will not be able to detect or communicate with any devices on the network. 

To configure the firewall see the Microsoft Knowledgebase article for your version of Windows, e.g.:

XP -

Vista -

Windows 7 -

Windows 8 -

For most current Lantronix device servers, only port 30718 must be added as an Exception.  If you are using the SCPR with legacy device servers such as the MSSs, add exceptions for 43282 and 43283.

If the connection is between two different sites you may also need to allow these ports access through the corporate firewall.

NOTE: We have received reports that 'setup.exe' files downloaded from this page in Microsoft Internet Explorer have the extension changed to a number, e.g. 'setup.1322587793'.

If this happens simply change the filename back to 'setup.exe' to install the software.

Or right-click on the HTTP link below, choose "Save target as..." and then change the filename to 'setup.exe' before saving.

Or download the file via the FTP link.

Or use a different browser, e.g. Mozilla Firefox.

Lantronix is investigating the cause of this and how to keep it from happening. When the issue has been resolved this note will be removed.

Download via FTP  Download via HTTPComment
SCPR Setup application for Windows GUI (1.3 MB) - requires internet accessFTPHTTP
SCPR Release NotesFTPHTTPRight-click and choose "Save Target As..." 

To access SCPR help, click here.

The current SCPR SDK is available here:

ProductDownload via FTP  Download via HTTP  

[Originally Published On: 01/24/2005 10:31 AM]