How do I Synchronize the Clock in XPort Edge with an NTP server?

XPort Edge clock synchronization with NTP Server can be configured using both GUI and CLI methods. But this article covers only the procedure to be followed in the GUI method.

GUI Method

  1. Open the XPort Edge Web manager either via the device installer's web configuration or by opening a browser and typing in the IP address of the XPort Edge.

  2. Log into the unit via the user name and password prompt. The default user name is admin and the default password is PASSWORD

  3. .From the orange menu options on the left, select NTP

    1. select configuration to assign the NTP server and Sync Time. The default Server Hostname is “ ” and Sync Time is “8 hours”

    2. Once the configuration is done, select Status and click sync. Now it shows the current time, which means the NTP server is working fine.

  4. Now from the orange menu options on the left,

    1. select Clock and select configuration to assign the source. From the source, select NTP.

    2. Now UTC offset must be assigned and it should be in multiples of 15 minutes. For example, if my time zone is UTC+5.30 hrs, then the UTC offset would be 330.

    3. Click status to see the current time. Now the clock is synchronizing with the NTP server and the same has been verified with the windows clock on the PC.