Upgrading xPrintServer Cloud firmware

Question from the Customer:

Recently our Cloudprint option has been unable to print. I factory reset the device and now I cannot setup my Google account to assign it to cloud printing?

Attention: Lantronix has a fix for this issue, however, January 1st of 2021, Google has announced they will stop the Google Cloud print service entirely. When this happens the xPrintServer Cloud version will be unusable.

Google changed how Cloudprint allows you to assign an account and our fix will get you back to operation. This is a step by step guide for installing the firmware patch and getting any xPrintserver Cloud edition unit up to the latest version 5.0.0-67.

Note: You cannot upgrade thru just the check for upgrade button on the xPrintServer’s GUI interface you must choose the USB method.


First you are going to need a USB Flash drive to hold the xPrintServer firmware file.

  1. Download from our website the firmware upgrade file. This can be found below Note: The file is zipped and you will need to unzip it then put the xprintserver_5.0.0.67.bin on the USB drive. The file is small so it will fit on a 100 MB Flash drive easily.

  2. Copy this file onto the USB flash drive. (There can be nothing else on this drive for this upgrade.)

  3. Plug the USB flash drive into the xPrintServer USB port.

  4. Log into the xPrintServers web interface. This can be reached by going to the assigned IP address of the xPrintServer in a web browser or by going to: [https://www.lantronix.com/find-my-xprintserver/] and putting in the serial number on the bottom of the xPrintServer device.

  5. You will be prompted for a login.

Default username is: admin

Default password is: PASS

6. Once on the Web interface for the xPrintServer, click on the Administration tab.

7. Then click on firmware.

8. Then click on upgrade via USB.

9. The upgrade will begin. This usually takes about 5 minutes and installation about 5 minutes, (So go get some coffee.)

10. Afterwards the unit should reboot, checking the status page should show you are running firmware

11. You should then be able to sign into your Google account and see printers again.


Download via HTTP



Download via HTTP


xPrintServer Cloud


Main firmware file

Firmware release notes



MD5 Checksum file