What type of SIM CARD do I need?

SIM Cards come in all shapes and sizes. This article will explain how each SIM card differs from the other.

2FF or Mini SIM card

This size SIM card is what is usually recognized as the standard SIM card today.



3FF or Micro SIM card

In response to size constraints in the mobile phone market, the 3FF or Micro SIM card is the 2FF SIM card with less plastic flashing around the edges.




4FF or Nano SIM Card

The 4FF or Nano SIM card has the same contact layout as the 2FF and 3FF cards, but the contact area (and thickness) has been reduced to reduce the overall size and volume of the card.




MFF2 embedded SIM card

The MFF2 format SIM is a surface mount integrated circuit device soldered onto the module board at production time and is not user-changeable, as are the other (removable) SIM cards.






SIM Card form factor dimensions

By dimensions, SIMs measure accordingly:

  • 2FF (mini SIM) 25mm x 15mm x 0.76mm (0.984" x 0.590" x 0.029")

  • 3FF (micro SIM) 15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm (0.590" x 0.472" x 0.029")

  • 4FF (nano SIM) 12.3mm × 8.8mm × 0.67mm (0.484" x 0.346" x 0.026")

  • MFF2 (chip SIM) 6mm × 5mm × 0.9 mm (0.236" x 0.196" x 0.035")