Latest Firmware for Edge Management Gateway (EMG) 8500

What is the latest firmware version for the EMG 8500?

Published 01/30/2020 08:13 AM   |    Updated 04/12/2024 09:50 AM

The current released version of the  EMG Edge Management Gateway firmware is

To download the latest version of the Firmware for an EMG Edge Management Gateway, select the link below (in the table)

NOTE: A minimal version of firmware ( Or Version needs to be running on your EMG unit to upgrade to the latest version, 

To download version Click Here
To download version Click Here

Download the version from the links below



Firmware for EMG

Right click and select "save link as..."    

MD5 Checksum file

Right click and select "save link as..."    

Firmware Release Notes

Right click and select "save link as..."    

NOTE: With Some browsers, you will need to right-click on the link and select "Save link as..." to get the file to save to a location.

NOTE: Some web browsers change the extension of the firmware file from .tgz to .tar or .gz or some other extension.  If your browser changes the extension of the file, before attempting to load the file onto your EMG please change its extension back to .tgz, e.g. emgupdate-  Click Here for more information.