Latest Firmware for the XPress-DR-Plus

What is the latest firmware for the XPress-DR+?

The latest versions of the XPress DR+ firmware are:

Standard Tunneling firmware is v7.0.0.3

Modbus firmware is v4.0.0.3

NOTE: The DF1 firmware is no longer available on units with MAC addresses begining in 00:80:A3. See the IMPORTANT NOTE below regarding DF1 firmware for older 00:20:4A MAC address prefix units.

WebPage configuration is only available with standard serial tunneling firmware

To download the latest version of Firmware, WebManager and release notes select the link below

FileDownload via HTTPComment
Standard Tunneling FirmwareHTTPS
Standard Tunneling Release NotesHTTPSRight-click and choose "Save Target As..."
Standard Tunneling Firmware MD5 ChecksumHTTPS
Standard Tunneling Web ManagerHTTPS
Standard Tunneling Web Manager Release NotesHTTPSRight-click and choose "Save Target As..."
Standard Tunneling Web Manager MD5 ChecksumHTTPS
Modbus FirmwareHTTPS
Modbus Firmware Release NotesHTTPSRight-click and choose "Save Target As..."
Modbus Firmware MD5 ChecksumHTTPS


The firmware below can only be installed on older XPress-DR+ units with MAC addresses that start with 00:20:4a. If you have an XPress-DR+ with a MAC address that starts with 00:80:a3 DO NOT attempt to load the firmware below onto it.

You can permanently disable a 00:80:a3 XPress-DR+ if you force this firmware onto it.

DF1 Multi-Master FirmwareFor units with 00:20:4A MAC address prefix ONLY
DF1 Multi-Master Firmware Release notesRight-click and choose "Save Target As..."

[Originally Published On: 07/26/2006 01:28 PM]