Latest Evolution firmware for the EDS 4100

What is the latest version of Evolution firmware for the EDS 4100?

The latest Evolution firmware for the EDS4100 is v6.0.0.1R2.

Due to changes in the memory allocation and operating system of the EDS, the upgrade procedure varies depending on the version the EDS is currently running.

If you are running firmware earlier than v4.0.0.0 start here:
A Special Upgrade Process For External Evolution Products For Version

If you are running v4.0.0.0, start here:
V6.0.0.1R2 for EDS4100, EDSx_PR and EDSxPS

Attempting to upgrade directly from 2.x or v3.x to v4.1.0.2 or higher will cause the EDS to stop functioning. If this happens, the only resolution is to replace the EDS4100. If the EDSxPR is out of warranty you will need to purchase a new unit.

If you are running v4.1.0.2 or higher, download the files below and then use the procedure in this article to upgrade your EDS4100:
Firmware upgrade procedure for Evolution EDS products from v4.1.0.2 to v5.2.0.0R24 or later

If you are already running firmware version v5.2.0.0R24 or higher, you can update using the methods shown in the User Guide on page 151. You will only need the firmware romz file (eds4100_5_4_0_1_R1.romz) and not the boot loader.

Please click on the links below to download the firmware, bootloader, release notes and MD5 checksum files.

EDS4100 Firmware
EDS4100 Boot Loader
Release NotesRight-click and choose "Save Target As..."
MD5 ChecksumRight-click and choose "Save Target As..." You can use the checksums to validate the files with an MD5 validation application.

[Originally Published On: 10/27/2006 02:32 PM]