Latest Firmware for SLC8, SLC16, SLC32, SLC48 -03 Models with USB port on front panel

What is the latest firmware version for SLC-03?


The current released version of firmware is v6.3.0.0

THIS FAQ ONLY APPLIES TO SLC-03 models (with USB port on the front panel) only.  SLC-02 models (with dual PC Card slots on the front panel) are no longer supported in

If you have an SLC-02, go to this faq.

If you are looking for firmware for the modular SLC 8000 series this is the wrong article. Please  to go to the article for SLC 8000 firmware.

See the Maintenance chapter of the Lantronix SLC – User Guide for available methods to update the firmware.

For detailed information on upgrading an SLC from the command line, .

For detailed informaion on upgrading an SLC from the web manager, .

IMPORTANT, READ THIS BEFORE PROCEEDING - If your SLC-03 is running v5.5 or v5.5e you must first download and install the patch file for v6.1.0.0 using the following links.

DO NOT reboot the SLC once the update has completed.  Proceed directly to downloading and upgrading to

If your SLC is running 6.1.x firmware on both banks you can directly load v6.3.0.0 using the following links. If only one bank has or higher installed, and it is the "current" bank, you will need to reboot to the other bank so that you are upgrading the 6.x bank. You can do this on the Maintenance>Firmware/Config page.  Attempting to load into a bank with 5.x firmware will fail.

Firmware for SLCx-03 (running v6.1.0.0, minimum) - ZIP archive
Firmware Release notes (includes Update Key) Right Click and "Save as..."
 MD5 checksum file (Update Key) Right Click and "Save as..."

Once the upgrade completes, wait 10 minutes, then reboot the SLC.  Once the SLC boots to the, there is one more important step.


The update disables the web manager.  You will need to turn it back on.  This is done using the CLI by either logging into the front serial console or opening and SSH connection to the SLC and logging is as sysadmin.

Once you are logged in, issue the following commands:

admin web server enable

admin web iface eth1,eth2,ppp

There is no need to reboot after issuing these commands.  The web server will enable and the setting will be saved without further action.

After upgrading from 5.x we recommend that you run the upgraded firmware for at least 1 week to make sure there are no problems with the upgrade, then copy the 6.x bank into the 5.x bank.

NOTE: Some web browsers change the extension of the firmware file from .tgz to .tar or .gz or some other extension. If your browser changes the extension of the file, before attempting to load the file onto your SLCx please change it's extension back to .tgz, e.g. slcupdate-db-x.y.tgz, where x.y is the firmware version.  for more information.


If you are using SNMP to manage your Lantronix SLCx, you need the latest SNMP MIB files. Load the Lantronix and IPV6-TC MIB files into your MIB compiler or manager before loading the SLCx MIB file. Right click on the link below and select "Save As" to download the MIB files:

Lantronix MIB FileRight Click and "Save As"
IPV6-TC MIB FileRight Click and "Save As"
SLC MIB FileRight Click and "Save As"

[Originally Published On: 09/16/2004 11:30 AM]