Latest Version of Spider Duo Firmware and Software

What is the latest version of Spider Duo firmware and the SpiderView software?

The latest version of the Spider Duo firmware is v4.3.4
The latest version of SpiderView is v1.5.13 for older hardware. New Spider hardware 2.0 is the latest.

NOTE - The KVM Console will not work fully with Java 9 or 10.  To maintain functionality, stay with Java 8.

URGENT NOTE: SpiderView 2.0 is only for Newer Spider hardware where the model ends in -02.


Click one of the links below to download the Spider firmware and SpiderView Windows application:

Spider Firmware and Release Notes



Firmware Release Notes

Right-click and choose "Save Target As..." 

SpiderView Software



SpiderView Release Notes

Right-click and choose "Save Target As..." 

Spider View 2.0 is only for new Spider hardware. The Spider units model must end in -02

Note: IF you are uncertain open a ticket with your serial number to Technical Support to have them check your model number.



SpiderView 2.0

SpiderView 2.0 Release Notes

SpiderView 2.0 Checksum




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