Latest Firmware for the UDS-10 and UDS-10B

What is the latest firmware for the UDS-10 and UDS-10B?

The current version of firmware for the UDS-10 and UDS-10B is v5.8.0.5

To download the latest version of Firmware, WebManager and release notes for the UDS-10, select the link below:

FileDownload via FTPDownload via HTTPComment
Firmware Release notesv5.8.0.5v5.8.0.5Right-click and choose "Save Target As..."
WebManagerv3.6v3.6Right-click and choose "Save Target As..."
WebManager Release notesv3.6v3.6Right-click and choose "Save Target As..."

[Originally Published On: 01/27/2005 09:14 AM]