Extension of *.tgz firmware file changed and other firmware file problems after download using a web browser

The extension changes from .tgz to .tar, .gz or some other extension when I download firmware for my EMG, SLC or SLM via HTTP. Since the SLC will not load a file that's name has been changed my attempt to upgrade the firmware on my SLC fails. Why does this happen? How can I keep this from happening?

Lantronix strongly recommends that you use Firefox to download firmware upgrade files for the SLC/SLB/SLC8000 products.


As of this writing Chrome silently uncompresses files without changing the file name. The SLC/SLB/SLC8000 firmware file must be compressed for a successful firmware upgrade. Do not use Chrome to download firmware upgrade files.


Microsoft Internet Explorer (and possibly other browsers) may change the .tgz extension when you use HTTP to download a file. Here are some workarounds:

1) Use ftp instead of HTTP to download the file.

2) During the download process, change the extension back to .tgz in the "Save As" window before clicking the Save button.

3) After downloading the file, change the extension on the filename back to .tgz.

[Originally Published On: 09/14/2005 09:33 AM]