Latest version of EZWebCon (obsolete configuration application for Windows XP and earlier)

What is the latest version of EZWebCon?

NOTE: EZWebCon is discontinued and no longer supported. It is only useful with some older Lantronix products. For most current products the configuration utility is DeviceInstaller, available :
Latest version of DeviceInstaller

The latest version of Windows that supports EZWebCon is XP. EZWebCon may not work well with current versions of Java. If you have older Lantronix Print Servers, Device Servers, Terminals, etc. from the 1990s it MIGHT work. Download, install and use it at your own risk.

Rather than using EZWebCon we strongly recommend that you configure your older Lantronix products from the command line, via telnet or through a serial port. For more information see the Install Guide and Reference Manual for your product. Most documentation for older Lantronix products is available here:

If you still want to try EZWebCon, and if your product is running firmware version 3.6/8 or higher, or you have an SCSx00, please download EZWebCon version 3.0/4 from the link below.

If your product is running a firmware version lower than version 3.6/8, please download EZWebCon version 2.1/1 from the link below.

If the FTP links above do not work for you, try downloading EZWebcon via HTTP by clicking on the version you need under file attachments below.

File Attachments : EZWebCon_3_0_4.exeezwebcon_b2_1_1.exe

[Originally Published On: 10/29/1999 05:28 PM]