Latest firmware for the XPort-05

What is the latest firmware version for the XPort-05?

The XPort -04 is being phased out (See PCN Notice: PCN-175: XPort Commercial Temperature Phase-Out)

DO NOT attempt to load firmware for the XPort-05 onto an XPort-04 or vice versa. Firmware for the XPort-04 is available

The latest firmware for the XPort-05 is
The latest web manager for the XPort-05 is

If you don't know which model of XPort you have, search for it in DeviceInstaller. DeviceInstaller will list all XPorts and similar products on a network by model.

Please click on one of the links below to download files via HTTP:

Release NotesRight-click and choose "Save Target As..."
Web Interface
Web IF Release NotesRight-click and choose "Save Target As..."

[Originally Published On: 03/06/2013 04:59 PM]